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Earth Retention Geocell

Earth Retention Geocell


Color Black, etc
Advantage Easy to Operate
Performance Optimum
Quality Premium Quality
Benefit Excellent Result & Highly effective
Features Long functional life

The Geocell geosynthetic cellular confinement system is a matrix of lightweight, expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips that are Ultrasonically bonded to form a strong, dimensionally stable and inert honeycomb structure Forms a long lasting structurall Barrier.


The Geocell System, when layered, becomes an economical lretaining wall system meeting all project-specific structural requirements. The system allows for contruction flexibility and provides aesthetics through a completely vegetated face. Horizontal terraces are formed where vegetation can flourish in the exposed outer cell infill. The system captures rainwater and controls groundwater evaporation, creating a more natural environment for vegetation.

Typical Applications

  • Bioengineered walls
  • Steepened embankments
  • Dike and levee protections
  • Culvert headwalls
  • Landscape development walls
  • Vegetated channel structures sound barries.


Subgrade Preparartion
Excavate and shape foundation soils.
Ensure foundation soil meets minimum strength requirements through proof rolling or other conventional mehtod. It unacceptable foundation soils are encountered, excavate and replace with suitable quality material.

Separation Layer and Base Materials Installation

  • When separation between subgrade soil and infill material is required, place geotextile over subgrade.
  • If additonal base materials or engineered soils are requierd between separation geotextile and geocell, install the appropriate depth and compact to a minimum 95 percent standard proctor or 90-92 percent modified proctor test -Dependent upon locale and soil confitions.


Geocell Panel Placement and Connection

  • Position and expand geocell panels to the appropriate dimensions. Hold individual panels in their expanded positions with rebar J-Pins or wooden stakes. Join panels using traditional Stapling methods or connecting studs.
  • Confirm each geocell paenl is expanded uniformly and correctly aligned. Nest panels along each joint to ensure adjacent geocell panels are flush at joint and adjoining cell are fully anchored. Alternate the installation of rebar J-Pins or wooden stakes to ensure each panel is Stable.
  • Install rebar fixing or wooden stakes along the joint of each panel in every other perimeter cell to hld the geocell panels stable during infill. Alternate the installtion of rebar fixing pins or wooden stakes to ensure each panel is stable.


Exposed Aggregate or Engineered Infill

  • Fill geocell with specified aggregate material progressively from front to back. Do not use an infill material with particle  sizes greater than 65 mm.
  • Overfill cells to a depth of approximately 50mm and level for exposed aggregate surfaces. Maintain the 50mm wear surface over geocell panels to prevent wear to the cell walls.
  • Compact infill to a minimum of 95 percent Standard Proctor or 90-92 percent Modified Proctor test.

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